Dog ID Tag Holder Set


Applies to these combinations only. ID Tag Holder Sets sold as indicated, no substitutions please. Each set has a combination of 1/2" and 1/4" width. All are approx 6" in length.

Cobra Knot 6" tag holder with plastic snap closure. Includes one (1) 3/4" split ring.

No more fumbling with multiple ID tag holders. These are quick and easy to put on, take off, move from collar to collar or even hang on a wire crate, your belt loop, pretty much anywhere space allows. You can add additional split rings if you so choose.

Made with 325 and 95 paracord. Mildew proof, won't shrink or fade. Plastic clips are nice and tight.

All holders are approx 6" total and may be 1/4" or 1/2" in width depending upon the color. See the colors/combinations shown.
Please note tags and bell are not included in this purchase.

Please note: "newer" version available under the standard Dog ID/Tag Holder listing.

As always, you should double check your tags and the rings periodically to make sure things are closed and secure.


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