I love to hike and always hike with some type of bell on my dog along with their tags.  More then once I have lost one or multiple tags (and luckily was able to back track and fine them).  Sometimes they have fallen off the ring, and sometimes they fall off the collar before I leave the parking lot!  I also like my dogs to ride in their crates with collars on but not the tags.   However having the tags handy is key for me.   

Available this week, we have added to our Dog ID Tag clips product line.  My tag holders are great due to the clips.  You can move them easily from one place to another.  I hang them on crates, collars, harnesses and even to a daypack or my belt loops.  

Included now is the option to add a bell and/or a tag silencer if you so desire.  As you will see by the listing photos, they all receive some pretty hard use and stand up well.   

Let me know if you have questions!